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“Transgender Life in Canada” is the dream project of human rights documentary producers Michelle Emson and Olena Semenova. Following their success with “Pride of Ukraine” and “Transgender Life in Slovenia“, they are fundraising for an incredibly ambitious new film. “Transgender Life in Canada” will chronicle the lived-experiences and life-stories of trans, non-binary, and two-spirit people across this vast country. We plan to travel the length and breadth of Canada, interviewing people from different cultures, cities, and territories. We need your help. Your donation will go directly to the project fund and assist us in executing our dream project.

Film: “Transgender Life in Canada”

by Michelle Emson

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Campaign Story

Pride of Ukraine” was our first documentary film that premiered in 2015. “Transgender life in Slovenia” followed soon after, premiering in June of 2016. Both have proved to be invaluable tools in the pursuit of universal human rights, particularly as they pertain to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics

In 2018, we conducted an Eastern European tour screening both films and giving workshops on advocacy in Estonia, Poland and Ukraine. The production principles of capturing the historical record and life chronicles were used in both films and have proved to be very successful. So, we decided it’s about time to get bigger and to make our dream project come true.

Transgender Life in Canada” was conceived in 2015 and was the basis for the Slovenian version. The Canadian edition is our true dream project.  We want to collect the stories of pioneers who started the Trans* movement in Canada, people who were paving the way for future generations, and who laid the foundation for the world we live in today. The film will chronicle the life stories and lived experiences of transgender, non-binary, and two-spirit people across this vast land. This film will serve as a unique historical overview and a monument to our pioneers.

We realize just how BIG and ambitious this idea is! But, we are the dream team that can move the Earth together 😊. This project will be our honeymoon. Well, a honeymoon is about doing what you love, right? So, this is what we want to do: drive across the country, from coast-to-coast-to-coast, all the provinces and all the territories, interviewing trans*veterans, collecting information about our history, combining it all into the film that will make people laugh and cry, and praise the bravery of our veterans.

  • Campaign Launch

    Today we are launching our crowdfunding campaign in association with our wedding! Olena once said in an interview, “…projects are our children.” This project is our new child and, in lieu of wedding gifts, we are asking for donations towards making this important human rights project a reality.

Name Donate Amount Date
Suzanne Martineau $150.00 February 04, 2019
Sandy Hatzis $100.00 February 03, 2019
$50.00 February 02, 2019
Erin Aylward $125.00 February 01, 2019
Anonymous $100.00 January 30, 2019


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