Sanctuary Studios

Sanctuary Studios is a full-service digital agency, with a social conscience, providing creative and technology solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses. We take care of everything so that you can focus on your business.
Our services include web site design, hosting, and management; graphic design; photography; video production; sound engineering; human rights documentaries and videos.


Professional photography re-enforces your brand, your identity, and your message. Photography is not just about the equipment – it’s about years of training and experience to capture an image that completely support your message. We have that experience. Photography services may include headshots, product photography, event coverage, and location shoots.


Video is the most powerful way to connect with your customer. We create compelling videos for your business, product, or service. Ranging from intro’ videos to training, webinars, events, mini-documentaries, crowd funding campaign videos, and promotional shorts right the way through to full length documentary films.


With over 35 years of professional sound engineering experience we know how to create great sounding podcasts, lectures, presentations, training calls, and more. From recording through to editing, enhancement, and mastering we will help you create a sound asset that matches your brand value in terms of quality and performance.


Through our web site design, hosting, and management division we have created a compelling package of full-service solutions for your Internet presence, social media integration, security, and management. We will take care of everything for you ensuring that you can maintain focus on your business and your core skills.
Sanctuary Studios In Brief

Our social conscience is a very important part of who we are. The Studio has a mission to pursue the principle of universal human rights for everyone, especially those in the LGBT community. The Studio funds and support the work of Principal Consultants Michelle Emson and Lenny Emson in their pursuit of these freedoms and rights.


We have over 25 years of experience leveraging the Internet for business, even before the web was born in 1991. Through Sanctuary-Studios.NET I now provide a turnkey, full-service, solution for web site design, hosting, social media integration , search engine optimization(SEO), content management, security, monitoring, and management. Through our flexible range of packages this leaves you to focus on your business and your core skills.

We provide WordPress Management Packages for your existing sites. WordPress is the most popular, yet most hacked, web site platform available today. We give you the peace of mind that your site will always be available by providing security, backups, theme and plugin updates, monitoring, and restoration should your site get hacked.
Video is considered to be the most critical digital asset for your business marketing strategy. A creative intro’ video, for example, give you the opportunity to connect with potential customers with a personal message that shares your passion, skills, products, services, and more. Many entrepreneurs turn to crowd sourcing to fund projects; at Sanctuary Studios we understand how to create a compelling appeal video to support your campaign.
Your photography reflects your brand value. It is essential that, for your main marketing strategy, you have professional photography so that image supports your brand management and marketing goals. We provide that commercial photography in various forms including head shots, products, services, event coverage, and web site abstracts and atmospherics. Our 30+ years of experience will ensure your photography is in line with your brand value.
From podcasts to live presentations we have the experience to produce crystal clear sound files to support your marketing strategy. People will tolerate, and forgive, quality compromises in a lot of things but not sound quality. If the sound is not pleasant, comfortable, and appealing to the ear then they will turn off; fast. We ensure that the recording, post-production, and mastering of you sound project meets the highest standards of audio quality.

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